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Concert Apr 21, 2016!
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webassets/wes.jpgBass guitar / vocalist

In 1963, after five years with “The ROCKERS”, Wes joined “The 5 Chords” (along with former Rocker, Manuel Gutierrez). The group toured the United States and Bahamas with stops in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe.

In 1969, Wes also played with a very popular local trio called “Premium Stuff’ featuring blind pianist and singer, Chuck Cusic. In 1982, he joined and is still performing with Tempo Music Company featuring Joe and Mary Jane Stagi. Wes feels particularly fortunate to have played music all these years and hopes to continue playing for a long, long time.

According to Wes, “This ‘ROCKERS’ reunion will bring back a lot of great memories for everyone.” Wes is currently living in Palm Harbor with his wife, Eleanor.

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